Undergraduate Admissions



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When to Apply

The application deadlines for undergraduate degree-seeking students are as follows:

Freshmen: First term of senior year of high school for the fall term

Transfer Students: By October 15 for the spring term; by January 15 for the fall term

International Students: By December 1 for the spring term; by June 1 for the fall term

Scholarship Candidates: Submit completed application and all required documents by December 1 for the fall term

Second Bachelor's: By October 15 for the spring term; by January 15 for the fall term

Students seeking freshman admission for the fall should file an application during the first term of their senior year of high school. Students seeking transfer admission may file as early as October 1 for the following fall term. Full-time applicants for the fall term who would like to be considered for an Admissions scholarship should submit a completed application consisting of high school or college transcript(s) and SAT/ACT results no later than December 1.

Applications for fall received after the January 15 deadline are processed provided space is available in the entering class. Students who fail to enroll for at least one course during the term for which they have been admitted as a degree candidate will have the offer of admission revoked because of non—matriculation. To enroll as a degree candidate for any subsequent term, students must reapply and submit new application materials and pay all appropriate fees.

Persons who have been denied admission to Towson University will not be permitted to attend as non-degree students. They may, however, transfer to the university if they meet transfer admission requirements after attending another college or university. Persons who have graduated from high school within the last two years must formally apply for degree-seeking status in order to attend the university.