Combined Bachelor's in English and Master's in Humanities

The combined bachelor’s-master’s degree program in English and Humanities is designed to allow students to complete combined undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years, including 6 units taken during summer terms. This program is open only to undergraduates pursuing the Literature track in English.

9 units taken at the 600-level after completion of the junior year will be double-counted toward fulfilling the 120 units required for the B.A.-B.S. and the 30 units required for the M.A.:

  • Three of the following partially fulfill undergraduate requirements for electives (6 units):
    Select one course in Philosophical Inquiry:3
    HUMA 616 - HUMA 630
    Select one or two courses in Humanities and Comparative Literary Inquiry:3-6
    HUMA 606 - HUMA 615
    Total Units9-12

Undergraduates may count no more than 6 graduate units per term towards an undergraduate degree, beginning in the summer following the junior year.

A bachelor’s degree will be awarded after all degree requirements for the bachelor’s are met, normally after the fourth year. Students who do not successfully complete the bachelor’s portion of this track, or who do not maintain a 3.30 GPA, may not proceed to the M.A.-level unless such deficiencies are resolved. Students must receive a grade of B or better in the double-counted graduate level courses.

The student applies for admission to the master’s in Humanities program during the first term of the senior year and enters the master’s program during the first term of the fifth year.

Students who complete the bachelor’s but decide not to continue with the M.A. program will terminate their program with the fulfillment of all requirements for the bachelor’s degree. Students may withdraw from the combined degree program by informing the Director of the Humanities program in writing. If a student becomes ineligible to participate in the combined program, the Director of the Humanities program will inform the student in writing. A student who is ineligible to participate or who withdraws from the combined degree program cannot double-count any courses for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.