Other Financial Resources


The Office of Graduate Studies and various departments of the university offer a limited number of graduate, teaching and research assistantships each year to qualified degree-seeking students.

Assistantships provide academic and professional enrichment to graduate students. They also offer stipends to compensate for the hours worked and tuition waivers for graduate units required for the degree. The amount of the stipend and tuition waiver varies depending on the type and nature of the assistantship. There are 10- and 20-hour positions available in academic and several administrative departments. These positions are highly competitive.

Applicants are encouraged to view Handshake on the Career Center web page and to contact their departments for graduate assistantship openings. Applicants also are encouraged to submit their résumés to their departments and the Graduate Assistantship Office (GAO) by early spring for fall semester positions and by early fall for spring semester positions so that departments may have time to review the information. Interested applicants may contact the Graduate Assistantship Office for more information at 410-704-4484, gao@towson.edu or https://www.towson.edu/academics/graduate/assistantships/.


The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to supporting students enrolled in doctoral and other terminal degree programs at Towson University. The purpose of the Towson University Graduate Student Fellowship program is to advance the goals of increased excellence and diversity of graduate students. Awards are made to students on the basis of academic merit and/or depth of professional experience. For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 410-704-2078 or gradstudies@towson.edu.

Alumini Association Graduate Fellowship Awards

The Alumni Association awards several scholarships each year to TU students who are full- or part-time graduate or post-graduate students and are active leaders in their communities. The Alumni Association recognizes and rewards students who demonstrate the highest levels of intellectual achievement and the potential to be active supporters of TU and the larger community. Each award shall consist of a certificate and a $1,000 to $2,000 scholarship that will be deposited directly into the student’s TU account for tuition, books and/or living expenses. Applications may be obtained from the Towson University Office of Alumni Relations, 1-800-887-8152 or alumni@towson.edu, and must be postmarked no later than June 15.

Student Employment

Handshake is a graduate student’s main resource for locating jobs and internships. The on- and off-campus opportunities posted in Handshake are full- and part-time. The Career Center also manages several job fairs throughout the year and offers students individual job search assistance. For more information on Handshake or the Career Center, call 410-704-2233, email careercenter@towson.edu, stop by the Career Center at 7800 York Road, Suite 206, or visit www.towson.edu/careercenter.

Veterans Benefits

Towson University provides coordination between veteran/dependent students and the regional office of the Department of Veterans Affairs. TU's Certifying Official establishes procedures and prepares forms and correspondence for eligible students to receive educational benefits. Additionally, they monitor class attendance and evaluate academic progress to ensure that those receiving benefits maintain satisfactory progress.

Students taking courses at other institutions concurrently with courses at Towson University may be certified for both institutions. The normal time for the Regional Office of the Veterans Administration to process an enrollment certification is six weeks. Certification is not automatic. The proper VA forms must be completed each term.

NOTE: Students cannot be certified for courses until they register.

Withdrawals / FX Grades

Students who decrease their unit load during the course of the term or receive an FX at the end of the term must notify the TU Certifying Official. Failure to do so could result in termination of benefits and a financial debt to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Change of Major

Veterans may change their academic major once without VA approval. For more than one change of major, however, veterans are required to undergo counseling by the VA. A change of major with the VA is required whenever veterans make a curriculum change in which any of the courses for which VA benefits were previously received do not transfer into the new program or whenever students declare a new major or matriculate at a different institution.

Independent Study

Payment for independent study courses will generally be made on a tuition and fees basis only. Monthly rates may be paid for such courses, provided that more than half of the total number of units for that term are in courses requiring class attendance. Check with the office to determine eligibility to pay for independent study courses.

Advance Payment

Advance payment is the allowance for the first two months of an enrollment period. All tuition and fees are due according to regular university deadlines and cannot be deferred pending receipt of advance payment. Students may apply for advance pay only if they will be enrolling at TU on at least a half-time basis and meet established deadlines. There must be one full calendar month break between terms to apply for the advance to qualify for advance payment.

Students may request advance pay for the regular academic terms in writing on the Declaration of Intent Form. Students must be registered one month before the term commences to qualify for advance payment.

Approved Major

The VA will pay veterans only for the courses listed in this catalog that are required for a degree and for majors that have been approved for study by the VA. If students take courses in addition to those listed for their approved major, they will not be entitled to receive VA benefits for them.