Student Activities

University Union, Room 251
(410) 704-3307  

Student Activities is the central hub for special events, services and resources devoted to enriching the student experience. Located in the University Union, we are the place to go for students looking to get involved outside of the classroom.

We are committed to preparing our students to become well-rounded and actively engaged graduates of Towson University. Our department offers a wide array of educational, cultural, social, and recreational programming. We offer experiences and opportunities within the areas of campus programming, leadership development, and student organization support. We focus our efforts to foster academic success and personal growth, provide new and diverse opportunities, connect students with supportive role models and create positive, fun-filled memories.

Vision Statement
Positively transform the student experience for every Towson University student.

Mission Statement
The Office of Student Activities believes a sense of belonging and involvement transforms a student’s collegiate experience and facilitates their success. We cultivate student development by providing opportunities for students to define their TU experience through exploration, involvement, and intentional programming.

Department Values

  1. Fun and Support - Enhance the development of the TU identity through traditions that connect students with the TU community, as well as building a lifelong connection to the university.
  2. Development and Impact - Prepare student employees and graduate assistants, through staff development opportunities, to make an impact using transferable skills acquired on the job. Create sustainable partnerships, both on and off campus, to maximize resources and create optimal programming and involvement opportunities.
  3. Success, Community, and Leadership - Provide programs and services that foster connection to the university and community.  Invoke a sense of responsibility in all TU students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain a campus community where everyone feels like they belong. Influence and expose TU's student community to leadership workshop opportunities to obtain tools for future success.