Student Conduct (BIOL)

To ensure that we observe this philosophy, I will ask you to respect the following policies:

  1. Be on time for lecture and lab. Late arrival is very disruptive and violates our basic philosophy.
  2. Do not schedule other engagements during class time. Leaving early is equally disruptive. If you have scheduled another engagement, do not attend class.
  3. It is not acceptable to wander in and out of the classroom during the class period.
  4. If you have trouble hearing or concentrating due to distractions around you, quietly and politely ask those responsible for the distraction to stop.
  5. Please let me know if there is any problem that is preventing you from performing well in this class. I will do our best to improve the situation.
  6. No cell phones or any other electronic device other than an approved calculator is permitted on desks during tests.