FORL Class Participation

CLASS PARTICIPATION: Will be evaluated daily in class according to the following criteria


  • Spoke exclusively in INSERT LANGUAGE during whole class and group discussions.
  • Often initiated interactions by responding to classmates’ comments and instructor’s questions.
  • Was listening attentively when others spoke.
  • Showed respect and a positive attitude toward professor, peers and subject.
  • Actively participated in all activities.
  • Came to class prepared.


  • Spoke INSERT LANGUAGE during whole group discussions, and rarely used English during small group activities.
  • In whole group discussion participation is often limited to answering instructor’s questions.
  • Was usually an active listener and only rarely didn’t listen while others talked. Never interrupted.
  • Generally contributed actively to getting the task done in group work.
  • Came to class rather prepared.


  • Used more English than INSERT LANGUAGE.
  • Didn’t always listen while others talked.
  • Didn’t contribute much to getting the task done in group work.
  • Passively participated in activities and discussions, responding very minimally.
  • Unprepared for class in not doing the work assigned.


  • Used more English than INSERT LANGUAGE and had a disruptive behavior.
  • Did not speak during classroom discussions or group work.
  • Engaged in conversations in English during small group work.
  • Slept, read newspaper, talked about unrelated subjects.
  • Did not bring materials required for class.
  • Absent.