General Guidelines (ISTC)

Log into our Blackboard course on a daily basis and check your TU email regularly. To ensure you areaware of current information being communicated to you,you should log into the course site at leastonce every 48 hours. Proactively respond to instructor and peer discussion posts/emails in a timely manner.

Email the instructor with personal matters(e.g., academic concerns, study conflicts, planned absence)and follow the given email format. Include our course number and title in the email subject; write in clear logic with correct grammar and use appropriate language.

Post questions that may be also asked by your classmates to the Discussion Board. If you have such questions,post them in the“Frequently Asked Questions” discussion board forum. Check in frequently to see if your question is addressed by the instructor or any classmate.

Answer your classmate’s questions in the discussion board to your best of knowledge. If you know the answers to some posted questions, or can bring in new light that helps others to understand or resolve an issue, feel free to reply to a post at your convenience