Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU Headquarters)

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Administration Building 301
Phone: 410-704-3764

Executive Director: Bobbie Laur

The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) is the longest-running and largest organization committed to serving and connecting the world’s urban and metropolitan universities and their partners. CUMU focuses on strengthening institutions that are developing new responses to the pressing educational, economic and social issues of the day. Our members share a passion for collaboration, student access and success, community development and revitalization, and discovery and innovation in teaching, learning and research that enhance the knowledge resources that support advancement in higher education and our cities.

CUMU is dedicated to its member institutions and to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on the issues that face our urban and metropolitan campuses and the communities we serve. CUMU’s mission ensures sustained attention to the exchange of information and ideas among member institutions about higher education’s role in urban and metropolitan settings, engenders a unified approach to the resolution of common challenges, and develops a clearer understanding within the higher education community and among public policy makers and the public about the distinctive roles played by urban and metropolitan institutions. CUMU’s objectives are achieved through strategies, programs, and activities that support research and information exchange, institutional engagement and service, and public information and advocacy.

CUMU is headquartered at Towson University. TU was an original founder of CUMU in 1989 and remains committed to the values of the organization. The headquarters manages the organization’s events, communications, finances and operations in addition to serving as liaison to the coalition’s partners.

Metropolitan Universities Journal

Metropolitan Universities journal (MUJ) is CUMU’s quarterly online journal. Founded in 1990, the journal disseminates scholarship on cutting-edge topics impacting urban and metropolitan colleges and universities. It is a peer-reviewed, open access publication—which means that it employs traditional methods of evaluating manuscripts while ensuring that those accepted for publication are freely available to anyone interested in the issues and themes covered. MUJ’s readership includes those working to address issues facing modern universities and the communities they serve. Authors bring diverse institutional and professional perspectives to showcasing applications of theory and best practices to these issues.