Center for GIS (CGIS)

Department website:

7400 York Road, Third Floor
Phone: 410-704-0281

Interim Managing Director: Ashley Buzzeo (GISP)

The Center for GIS (CGIS) is a professional organization staffed by highly qualified technologists dedicated to empowering government, businesses and non-profits by making GIS technology accessible through innovative geospatial solutions including geospatial data development and analysis, application design and development, GIS integration and GIS training.

The CGIS vision is to continually extend the accessibility and value derived from GIS technology by developing innovative geospatial solutions that serve public, private, entrepreneurial and community support sectors. The CGIS mission is to make GIS technology accessible and relevant, and to empower our clients to use our geospatial solutions independently of our assistance. Through professional development, conferences, internships, community outreach, partnerships and leadership, CGIS works toward building and promoting vibrant GIS ecosystems.