CourseLeaf Help Page

Courseleaf is Towson University's online curriculum management and catalog editing software. The Curriculum Inventory Management System (CIM) is used to enter course and program proposals, which once approved, feed directly to the University Catalog (CAT). Courseleaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) makes class scheduling easier and more transparent. SYLLABI, a syllabus management tool (SYLLABI).

Visit the TU webpage, Courseleaf Curriculum & Catalog Management, for more detailed information regarding CL software.

CL Software: 

  • Catalog Management (CAT)Catalog Management (CAT) is Towson University's catalog editing software, used by both academic and non-academic departments to update their content each year. 
  • Curriculum Information Management System​ (CIM)
    • Course Inventory Management - Course Inventory Management (CourseAdmin) in CIM is used when proposing a new course or changing an existing one.
    • Program Management - Program Management, within CIM, is used for proposing and revising overall requirements for all majors, minors, and graduate programs.
  • Curriculum Approval Queues - Proposed changes for courses, programs and four-year plans are reviewed within the Courseleaf approval queue. Authorized approvers include department chairs, curriculum committee chairs, Provost's Office, University Senate and the Registrar's Office. Automatic notifications are sent out once a proposal appears within an approval queue.
  • Course Section Scheduler (CLSS)Courseleaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) is used by departments to build class schedules.

  • Courseleaf Syllabus Management (SYL) - Courseleaf Syllabus Management (SYLLABI) is a syllabus template builder and a repository that will streamline the creation of a syllabus and ensure all required elements are included. TU students, faculty and staff will have the ability to search the repository by term, college, department, or class section.

​Support Contact

Suzanne Hill
CIM Courses and CLSS

Erika Carlson-Hiles
Undergraduate Programs and Suspending / Deactivating Programs

Patrick Malloy
CIM Graduate Programs CIM

Brooke Harris
Catalog and Four-Year Plans

Syllabus Management