Department of Educational Technology and Literacy

Hawkins Hall 216
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Programs of the Department

The Department of Educational Technology and Literacy is responsible for courses that are not limited to a single teacher education program. The education course listings include Core Curriculum courses that provide knowledge and skills for general application in teaching and training areas. The instructional technology program offerings also have PreK-12 applications.

The department coordinates the graduate programs in Instructional Technology:

  • Instructional Technology (M.S.)
  • Instructional Technology (Ed.D)
  • Instructional Design and Development (PBC)

See the Graduate Catalog for details.



Materials, devices, techniques, and settings are presented in an overview of the field of instructional technology. Laboratory experiences are provided in the operation of instructional hardware. Prerequisite: junior/senior standing or departmental approval. Lab/Class fee will be assessed.


Professors: Qing Li, Mahnaz Moallem (Chairperson), William Sadera, Liyan Song, David Wizer

Associate Professors: Jeffrey Kenton, Scot McNary, Rebecca Shargel

Assistant Professors: Frances Luther, David Robinson

Lecturers: Bonnie Brown, Bruce Damasio, Mary Moreland, Suzanne Obenshain, Lisa Twiss, Cheryl Wood

Clinical Assistant Professor: Gail Bailey

Visiting Assistant Professor: Robert Caples