Center for Student Diversity

University Union 313, 410-704-2051

The Center for Student Diversity (CSD) provides intellectual, social, personal, and cultural enrichment programs and services that build community and create civility. The center strives to create a learning community that recognizes and appreciates cultural differences, respects individual uniqueness, and engages in cross-cultural dialogue and interaction. Moreover, the center supports multicultural student organizations and offers diversity awareness seminars, workshops and presentations, along with advocacy and consultation. CSD serves all students, while paying particular attention to the needs of students of color and other under-served groups on campus. The purpose of the center is to develop an inclusive, supportive environment where students can attain their scholastic objectives in a seamless manner.

Currently, the CSD is made up of Women’s Resources, Student Success Programs (SAGE and CEEP), African American Student Development, LGBT Student Development, and Latino and Asian Pacific Islander Student Development. The center also partners with and supports the Jewish Cultural Center-Hillel and Campus Ministries.

Additionally, the center administers the Community Enrichment and Enhancement Partnership (CEEP) award, Barnes-Harris Scholarship, and the Graduate Diversity Grant. These awards are designed to increase access and success of culturally diverse and traditionally underrepresented students.

African American Student Development

University Union 313, 410-704-2051
410-704-4229 (fax)

African American Student Development (AASD) supports, promotes and enhances the intellectual, academic, social and personal development of African, Afro-Caribbean and African American students. AASD provides programs and services that enhance the students’ overall experience at Towson and increase awareness and appreciation of African, Afro-Caribbean and African American culture. We also assist the university in the recruitment and retention of students from these populations.

Asian-Pacific Islander and Latino/a Student Development

University Union 313, 410-704-2051

The Asian-Pacific Islander and Latino/a Student Development Program offers events and spearheads initiatives that focus on social, political and cultural issues pertaining to Asian-Pacific Islander and Latino/a communities. The program supports Asian-Pacific Islander and Latino/a students’ transition and adjustment to college life by working in close collaboration with individual students and student organizations.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Student Development

University Union 313, 410-704-2051

The Center for Student Diversity (CSD) provides a variety of educational, social, and outreach programs that promote and support the life and culture of students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT). The LGBT Student Development program exists to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for LGBT students so that they become engaged in leadership and mentorship opportunities on campus and in the wider community.

SAGE Program

University Union 313, 410-704-2051

The Students Achieve Goals through Education (SAGE) program pairs new students from diverse backgrounds with peer mentors. SAGE program mentors encourage students to excel in the classroom and participate in campus-wide activities and organizations. To this end, a series of weekly events is planned to address academic success, diverse cultural communities, career development, stress management, financial planning, interpersonal development issues, course scheduling strategies, and networking.

Women’s Resources

University Union 313, 410-704-2051

The Women’s Resources program exists as the central contact for resources and support for women on campus. It is located in the Center for Student Diversity on the third floor of the University Union.

The program provides a wide range of services to female students focusing on leadership development and mentoring. In addition, the program offers a wide range of programming for the entire student body on issues of gender and equality. Common topics covered include Women’s Health and Fitness, Safety and Sexuality, Women in the Workforce, and Sexual Assault Awareness. The program also connects female students with community resources for internships and community service projects.

The Women’s Resources program also administers two scholarships: The Women’s Leadership Program for undergraduate female and female-identified students, and the Charlotte W. Newcombe Endowed Scholarship for Mature Women and Men.