Women's and Gender Studies Certificate

Program Website: https://www.towson.edu/cla/departments/womengender/grad/women-gender-certificate/

Program Director: Cindy Gissendanner
Phone: 410-704-5456
Email: cgissendanner@towson.edu

Students already enrolled in a master’s degree program, other than Women’s and Gender Studies, or those who wish to enhance their skills and understanding of specialized arena in Women’s and Gender Studies may elect to pursue the Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies.


The graduate program director acts as the certificate student’s adviser during the first term of matriculation when a program of study is planned and drafted. The student is transferred to a different adviser after the first term of enrollment.

Application of Units Earned in the WMST Certificate Program

Units earned for the Graduate Certificate Program with a grade of “B” or better may be applied to the master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. The certificate student must complete formal application to the WMST M.S. degree for admission.

Admission Requirements

Application deadlines and a full listing of materials required for admission can be found on the website.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses
Select nine units in graduate-level, WMST-designated courses selected with the approval of the student’s adviser 19
Total Units15

Limit of one 500-level WMST course to be included in the certificate program.

WMST 620 nor any WMST 700 or 800 course may be included in the certificate program.

  1. Students can understand and can evaluate/critique feminist arguments and theories as demonstrated in a term paper that is clearly and knowledgeably written.
  2.  Students can demonstrate ability to identify and evaluate prevailing normative assumptions that underlie social practices and policies that hinder women’s agency.