Professional Studies M.A.

Degree: Master of Arts

Program Director: Dr. Karen Eskow
Phone: 410-704-2128

The Master of Arts in Professional Studies is an interdisciplinary program that crosses traditional academic boundaries and provides a solid intellectual framework. The core curriculum common to both tracks provides a foundation in research, writing and the liberal arts. A culminating seminar emphasizing a major project provides the capstone for each student’s program of study. A key theme of the culminating seminar is globalization and the changing workplace.

The program’s two concentrations are:

Individualized Plan of Study – allows students to create their own degree plan with the assistance and approval of the program director.

Art History – is a more formalized plan of study designed for graduate students with a focused interest in art history, especially leading toward a professional position in museums, galleries and nonprofit arts organizations.

  1. Explain and coherently apply ontological worldviews, epistemological strategies and methods to graduate level research design.
  2. Demonstrate ability to write with clarity and efficiency.
  3. Students will identify, interpret and draw conclusions from qualitative and/or quantitative data derived from web-based sources.
  4. Students will demonstrate mastery of the individually developed program of study.
  5. Students will successfully use MS Office System or equivalent to effectively present research.