Undergraduate Non-Degree Programs

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The Admissions Office oversees the following programs and services: Non-Degree Student Enrollment, High School Dual Enrollment and Golden I.D. Tuition Waiver Program.


Admission is the official acceptance of a student as a degree candidate by the Admissions Office. Registration is the enrollment in courses for a particular term. Persons who meet the criteria for non-degree enrollment (outlined below) may register for courses without formal admission to Towson University. Eligibility requirements for formal admission and deadlines are detailed in the Admissions section of this catalog.

More information: https://www.towson.edu/admissions/undergrad/nondegree/applicants.html

Non-Degree Students

Students who wish to enroll as non-degree students (not formally admitted by TU) must complete the online non-degree application and pay the application fee before registering. For Fall & Spring terms, non-degree students are permitted to register for classes after the full-time degree candidates' registration timeframe. For summer & mini-semesters, non-degree students register with open enrollment. Returning non-degree register with open enrollment for all terms.

Persons who have been denied admission to TU because of academic ineligibility are not permitted to attend as non-degree students. They may, however, transfer to TU after attending another college or university if they meet TU’s transfer admission requirements (see Guidelines for Transfer Admission in this catalog). Persons who have graduated from high school within the last two years are not eligible to attend TU as a non-degree student during the fall or spring terms. They must apply for admission as a degree-seeking student.

Non-degree students are expected to maintain the following cumulative GPA based on calculable grades at TU as indicated below:

Total Attempted GPA Hours + Transfer Units Minimum Cumulative GPA
Undergraduate Students with 1-29.5 attempted units 1.75
Undergraduate Students with 30 units and above 2.00

Students who fail to meet the criteria for good academic standing outlined above will be sent letters of warning. After being warned, if students do not maintain good academic standing in any subsequent term, their enrollment will be permanently discontinued.

Non-degree students may apply for formal admission as degree candidates according to published deadlines. Admission will be based on a competitive GPA and space availability. Advising is available through the Admissions Office.

The following policies apply to non-degree students who wish to earn a degree at TU:

  1. No catalog will be assigned until the student is formally admitted as a degree candidate. The student must complete the requirements listed in the assigned catalog. Please note: It is to the student’s benefit to be formally admitted as soon as the student is eligible.
  2. The final 30 units of the degree must be completed in residence at TU.
  3. The final 15 units of the degree at TU must be completed as a degree candidate.
  4. Transfer credits earned at another institution will not be evaluated until the student is formally admitted as a degree candidate. Academic advising received prior to formal admission will not be considered binding by Towson University.

International students who are on a visa of any type may not enroll as non-degree students without written permission from the International Student and Scholar Office. Non-native English speakers will be tested in English and placed in remedial English courses if needed.


All non-degree students will be required to submit immunization records. For more information, contact the Health Center at 410-704-2466.

High School Dual Enrollment

The High School Dual Enrollment Program is designed for high school students who want to take courses at TU for college credit. To participate in the High School Dual Enrollment program, students must have a cumulative average high school GPA of a 3.00 ("B") or higher. Test scores are optional. Students will be required to submit a letter of permission from your counselor or parent/legal guardian. Home-schooled students must send the most recent evaluation from the supervising organization. Please note the admission to the Dual Enrollment program does not guarantee admission to TU as a degree seeking student.

High School Dual Enrollment students enroll in regular courses at TU during the summer sessions or the fall and spring terms, and attend class right along with other college students. They may take any TU course, provided the prerequisites have been met.

To apply, students must submit a non-degree application, official high school transcript, letter of recommendation, and $45 application fee.

For more information, visit: https://www.towson.edu/admissions/undergrad/nondegree/highschool.html 

Golden I.D. Tuition Waiver Program

Retired Maryland residents, 60 years of age or older, are eligible for the Golden I.D. Tuition Waiver Program. Golden I.D. students may enroll for up to 11 units in the fall and spring terms (8 units in the summer session) and pay a discounted fee rate. Participants may take courses for audit or on a space-available basis (independent study / directed reading courses, Towson Learning Network (TLN) programs, Applied Information Technology (AIT) and some satellite campus programs are excluded). To apply for the Golden I.D. program and find out the current fee rates, contact the Office of Admissions, 410-704-2113.

For more information, visit: https://www.towson.edu/admissions/undergrad/nondegree/professionaled.html