Honors College


The Honors College at Towson University is designed to provide unique and challenging opportunities for the most highly qualified and motivated students seeking intellectual and personal growth. The Honors College involves students and faculty from across the university in a community of scholars who together explore questions within and beyond their disciplines. The Honors College serves, therefore, as the center and symbol of the university’s commitment to academic excellence in the education of its undergraduates. The “Living and Learning Community” was specifically designed to create an intellectual community where students live together on campus and share ideas, integrate residential living with classroom activity, and nurture an environment conducive to academic achievement.

Approximately 800 students from all degree granting colleges and major departments participate in the Honors College. Professors from a variety of disciplines are selected to lead small Honors College classes that encourage interdisciplinarity, multiple pedagogies, student involvement, creativity, open discussion and independent critical thinking. In this way, students’ perspectives are expanded as they explore areas not closely related to their disciplines and are encouraged to work in their majors with greater intensity than would be possible within traditional curricular programs. Thus, the Honors College provides an environment in which students develop their skills, cultivate their talents, and achieve excellence in academics, research, service and individual development, leading to professional success and personal fulfillment.

Terry A. Cooney, Rector

What Honors Students Experience

  • Smaller class sizes (20 or fewer students per honors class)
  • Enriched curriculum with a more stimulating environment
  • Access to special campus facilities including Honors College housing and an Honors College computer lab and student study
  • Individualized academic and professional advising with designated Honors College faculty and staff
  • Renewable Honors College Merit Scholarships and eligibility for Honors College study abroad scholarships
  • Recognition of Honors College course work on transcripts, on diploma and at graduation
  • Priority scheduling for course registration

Honors College Staff

Dr. Terry Cooney, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Honors College Administrator

Dr. Abram Fox, Honors College Coordinator

Dr. Alison Millett McCartney, Faculty Director

Mrs. Bethany Pace, Director of Academic Support and Co-Curricular Programs

Contact Information

Stephens Hall 302, 410-704-4677
Fax: 410-704-4916
E-mail: honors@towson.edu


Professors: Peter Baker Jr. (English), Bethany Brand (Psychology), Carol Caronna (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice), Isabel Castro-Vazquez (Foreign Languages), Christos Evangeliou (Philosophy & Religious Studies), Jack Fruchtman Jr. (Political Science), Barry Gittlen (Philosophy & Religious Studies), Beth Haller (Mass Communication & Communication Studies), Eileen Hayes (Music), William Kleinsasser (Music), Michael Korzi (Political Science), Cristina Magaldi (Music), Jonathan Mattanah (Psychology), Steven Phillips (History), Erik Scully (Biological Sciences), Shimon Shokek (Philosophy & Religious Studies)

Associate Professors: Lillian Carter (Health Science), Thomas Ciufo (Music), Michael Elliott (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice), Erin Fehskens (English), Cynthia Ghent (Biological Sciences), Seth Gitter (Economics), Patrick Herbert (Health Science), Adam Jabbur (English), Michael Masatsugu (History), Alison McCartney (Political Science), Sonali Raje (Chemistry ), Jessica Shiller (Instructional Leadership & Professional Development), Jonathan Vincent (English), Niya Werts (Health Science)

Assistant Professors: Alhena Gadotti (History), Ryan King-White (Kinesiology), Salvatore Pappalardo (English), John Sivey (Chemistry ), Bethany Willis Hepp (Family Studies & Community Development)

Lecturers: Howard Baetjer Jr. (Economics), Sharon Becker (English), James McFalls Jr. (Music), Carol Pippen (English), Carol Quinn (English), Andrew Reiner (English), Molly Ruhlman (Political Science), Benjamin Warner (English), Erin Witte (Mass Communication & Communication Studies)