College of Health Professions

The mission of the College of Health Professions is to develop outstanding professionals at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of health care, human service, and sport-related fields that promote and enhance health and human performance to assure well-being in a diverse world. Our graduates are committed to lifelong learning, the development of knowledge and a focus on health disparities and social justice.

The programs in the college prepare graduates to assume roles in a variety of clinical, teaching, administrative, community and sport-related settings. Each program integrates this professional preparation with a rigorous grounding in the liberal arts and sciences. Faculty members support students’ development to assure that graduates possess the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for career success. Internships and clinical experiences are an essential part of students' education.

CHP’s graduates exhibit the highest ethical principles and professional behaviors in their application of knowledge and critical thinking, and in their proficient use of skills, communication and technology within disciplinary and interdisciplinary settings.

Programs in the college are accredited by appropriate professional and educational accrediting agencies. Graduates of the baccalaureate programs of Athletic Training and Nursing, and the combined bachelor’s in Occupation and Well-Being and master’s in Occupational Therapy are eligible to sit for their respective ­licensure or certification examinations.

In addition to providing courses for students majoring in each of the departments, each department provides courses that are available to all Towson University students. The College of Health Professions further contributes to the well-being of Towson University’s students, faculty and staff, and many off-campus communities through collaborative outreach, applied research, educational partnerships and professional practice.

The College of Health Professions enrolls more bachelor’s and master’s health care and sport-related professional students than any other institution in the state of Maryland and has one of the largest enrollments in the mid-Atlantic region.

As a college, we emphasize the key values of

  • Respect for all faculty, staff, students, and the clients and organizations we serve
  • High standards and ethics
  • Community responsibility
  • Collaboration and outreach
  • Lifelong learning

Lisa A. Plowfield, Dean
Marcie Weinstein, Associate Dean

Promoting Well-Being in a Diverse World

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