Accelerated Bachelor's to Graduate Programs

Towson University’s accelerated bachelor’s to graduate programs allow students to begin their graduate studies while still an undergraduate student. Designed for high achieving and talented students, it expedites earning an advanced degree by combining bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements.

An accelerated bachelor’s to graduate program is an explicit arrangement of undergraduate and graduate courses that allow students to complete the bachelor’s and the master’s degree in less time and save money (Visit the Bursar's Tuition and Fees page for information on accelerated tuition costs). During the undergraduate program, students have the opportunity to take up to 9 units of graduate course work (up to 9 units for a master's degree, up to 6 units for a graduate certificate). These units and the earned grade will count toward the undergraduate degree, and if a grade of B or higher is earned, the units will later be applied toward the graduate degree. The GPA for these units will only count on the undergraduate degree.

Accelerated Bachelor's to Graduate programs are comprised of structured programs and individualized plans of study. Please visit the Registrar's website for guides on navigating the admission and enrollment in an accelerated bachelor's to master's program.

Structured Programs

Structured programs are accelerated programs between an undergraduate major and graduate degree program that have an approved, existing agreement for coursework choices between the undergraduate and graduate course requirements. 

Individual Plan of Study

An individualized plan of study is an accelerated program in which a student works with their undergraduate major and a graduate degree program of their choice to develop a sequence of courses to complete the undergraduate degree and get an early start on their graduate work. Both the undergraduate department chair and graduate program director must approve the use of courses for the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.