International Studies Program

Interim Program Director:  Dr. Carol Caronna
Liberal Arts Building 2305
Phone: 410-704-2659

The Program

The International Studies Program provides a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum in international affairs that is designed to appeal to students interested in addressing international problems and issues through careers in public service, education, business and nonprofit enterprises. The program also provides excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue a graduate education in international studies, law, social sciences or international business. The program aims to achieve a global perspective through an interdisciplinary set of courses and experiences that will lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies. The program is administered by a committee of faculty members from the various departments and colleges from which the courses are taken.  



Experiential learning through working with government, non-profit or business private organizations involved with international affairs. No more that 6 units can be counted toward the international studies major. Prerequisites: Junior/senior status and consent of the International Studies Internship Director.


Independent study of the culture, history, economy, and society of the country students intend to visit. Taught in three segments over three terms (including one term abroad). Fulfills one requirement for the International Credential. Prerequisites: Students must be registered in an approved study abroad program, experiential learning abroad program or international internship; COMM 379 and permission of coordinator of International Studies.