Center for Professional Practice

Hawkins Hall 303, 410-704-2567

Renee Whitby, Partnerships and Placements Manager

Ashley Faherty, Research and Data Analyst

Jessica Kaufman, Program Specialist

Erin Bowling, Placement Coordinator

The Center for Professional Practice (CPP) is a resource and service office located in the College of Education. CPP works with all educator preparation programs at TU. The primary role of the center is to assist programs in placing teacher candidates in a variety of settings for field experiences and internships and to develop, support and sustain Professional Development School partnerships.

Field and Clinical Experience Placements

Each Teacher Education student who has reached the appropriate level of competency will have a series of progressively responsible field experiences, which will culminate in a professional year internship. TU has developed a Network of Professional Development Schools to provide all students with an intensive and extensive internship.

Reflecting the Professional Education Mission and Vision statements, students are assigned by their department and/or the Center for Professional Practice to field and clinical experience placements that are diverse and inclusive. Placements are made in schools that provide the best experiences for future success as a teacher and that enable the Teacher Education student to meet state and national accreditation requirements. These requirements and the size and scope of our education program do not always permit personal preference or geographic convenience in placements.

Students enrolled in the professional year internships are charged a lab fee. This fee is used for remuneration to mentor teachers in schools where field experiences and internships are completed.