Department of Learning Technologies, Design and School Library Media

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Programs of the Department

The Department of Learning Technologies, Design and School Library Media is committed to offering courses that emphasize creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation by providing hands-on, project-based, problem-based, and experiential learning opportunities where students work on projects related to local education, government, health care, nonprofit, and industry to solve real-world problems. The department offers a doctoral program, master's programs and variety of post-baccalaureate certificates.

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Examines operations, applications, and affordances of technologies for learning and teaching. Offers hands-on experience in integrating learning technology into classroom activities. Critically examines strategies that use a variety of technology tools to create learning environments that actively engage students in projects where technology tools enhance the learning process. Laboratory experiences are provided in the operation of instructional hardware and software. Prerequisite: junior/senior standing or department consent. Lab/Class fee will be assessed.


Professors: Jeffrey Kenton, Qing Li, Mahnaz Moallem (Chairperson), William Sadera (Graduate Program Director), Rebecca Shargel, Liyan Song (Graduate Program Director)

Associate Professors: Qijie (Vicky) Cai (Graduate Program Director), Scot McNary, David Robinson (Graduate Program Director)

Assistant Professors: Suzhen Duan, Hoda Harati, Christie Kodama

Lecturers: Robert Caples, Christine Engbert, Frances Glick

Lecturer II: Bonnie Brown