B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Computer Science


The Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences provide the pathway to earn the degrees of B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Computer Science in as little as five years. Those students interested in the program should major in the Computational Physics Concentration of the Physics major. In their senior year they can begin taking graduate-level Computer Science courses that can later be applied to the master’s degree once they are admitted to the graduate program. (Any graduate courses taken will not be counted toward undergraduate degree requirements, and admission to the M.S. in Computer Science is not guaranteed.) The remaining courses and thesis requirements for the M.S. in Computer Science would then be completed in a fifth year.

Students interested in the program should declare their intent as soon as possible to their major advisor. Students in this program should also meet with the computer science graduate program director, Dr. Michael McGuire, early in the fall of the third (junior) year.

Graduate Level Courses in Computer & Information Sciences for Undergraduate Physics Majors

COSC 6xx or 7xx Group B Elective from master's program3

Individualized Combined BS/MS Option

Students majoring in the Computational Physics concentration of the Physics major may be eligible to complete an individualized Combined Bachelor’s to Master’s degree program in conjunction with the master’s program in Computer Science which would allow up to 9 units of coursework that could be counted toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Interested students should contact the Department of Computer and Information Sciences to request permission to take up to 3 graduate computer science courses that will count toward both the undergraduate requirements and the eventual master’s degree.  Students granted permission to pursue the individualized combined degree would use the graduate level coursework (usually COSC 519, COSC 578, COSC 600, or a COSC graduate level elective) to fulfill the undergraduate 120 credit requirements.  Please see the specific screening requirements on the Combined BS/MS in Computer Science page.