Accelerated B.S. in Public Health/M.S. in Health Science

The Department of Health Sciences offers an accelerated program that allows you to attain both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Public Health with Health Science in less time than it would take to pursue each degree separately. The accelerated B.S./M.S. in Public Health with Health Science enables students in the Community, School or Dual tracks to substitute nine (9) units in the M.S. in Health Science program for undergraduate classes in the Public Health Major. Undergraduate Public Health majors who have successfully completed 60-80 units (junior status) may apply for admission to the B.S. to M.S. Program. Students accepted into the program begin graduate level course work during their senior year.

Undergraduate students who have successfully completed 60-80 units (junior status), may apply for admission to the accelerated B.S. to M.S. Program. This program allows students to complete accelerated undergraduate and graduate degrees for the M.S. in Health Science.

Students accepted into the program begin graduate course work during their senior year. Nine units taken at the 500/600 level after completion of the junior year will be double-counted toward the B.S. in Public Health and M.S in Health Science. The GPA for these units will be applied to the undergraduate record, but not to the graduate record. A bachelor's degree will be awarded to accelerated program students after all degree requirements for the bachelor's degree are met. Students who do not complete the B.S. portion of their track/major or who do not maintain a 3.0 GPA may not proceed to the M.S. level unless deficiencies are resolved. Students must earn a "B" or better in the double-counted courses for the units to be applied toward the master's degree.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of /or current enrollment in 60-80 units (may include transfer units)
  • Declaration of a Public Health Major (all concentrations are eligible)
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.00 by the end of the Spring term preceding screening for admission
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of B or better:
CURRICULUM AND PLANNING (or Core 9 equivalent)
HLTH 2xx
Any 200 level HLTH course
Core 3 options - MATH 231, 233, 237 or statistics equivalent 1
Course with a lab

Statistics equivalent is determined by the Graduate Program Director

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following documents in one packet postmarked by December 2:

  • Admission application provided by the department
  • Admission essay following the guidelines provided by the department
  • Two (2) academic references
  • Official transcripts that include course work taken through the term preceding application to the program
  • During the second term of the senior year, students must also complete a graduate application with Admissions to be officially admitted to the graduate program.  Admission to the graduate program is not guaranteed.


Screening will occur in January for applicants who have complete files by December 2. The department’s admissions committee will evaluate all completed applications based upon GPA, essay and two (2) academic references. The top candidates from this pool of applicants will be selected for admission.

Degree Requirements

Once admitted, students can select to take up to 9 units (3 courses) toward the MS in Health Science degree.  Health science undergraduate majors can plan to enroll in any three (3) of the following courses:

DRUGS IN OUR CULTURE (in place of HLTH 405)

Students who have already completed the undergraduate sections of the above courses, will NOT be allowed to repeat the graduate version of the course. Admitted BS/MS students will work with their undergraduate advisers, and the Health Science M.S. Graduate Program Director to develop an alternative plan of study.

Withdrawal and Ineligibility

Students who complete the bachelor’s but decide not to continue with the M.S. portion of the program will terminate their program with the fulfillment of all requirements for the undergraduate degree. Students may withdraw from the accelerated degree program by informing the Director of the MS in Health Science graduate program in writing.

Students who do not successfully complete the bachelor’s portion of the accelerated program, or who do not maintain both an overall 3.0 and a 3.0 GPA in the double-counted courses, may not proceed to the graduate level unless such deficiencies are resolved.  If a student becomes ineligible to participate in the accelerated program, the Director of the MS in Health Science graduate program will inform the student in writing.

A student who is ineligible to participate or who withdraws from the accelerated degree program cannot double-count any courses for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.