Honors College Recognition

The appropriate designation, based on Honors College curriculum completed, appears on the student’s diploma and final transcript. An Honors College student who completes the curriculum will graduate as a University Honors Scholar. If an Honors College student also follows their Departmental Honors program requirements, the student can graduate as both a University Honors Scholar and Department Honors Scholar. A student who is not in the Honors College who chooses to complete the Departmental Honors program requirements will graduate as a ­Department Honors Scholar per the rules of that department.

  • University Honors Scholars – University Honors Scholars complete 3 units of Honors English, 3 units of Honors TSEM, 6 units of Honors lower-level courses, 6 units of upper-level Honors seminars, and 6 units of Honors Experiential Learning (some of these units may be completed by the academic Department Honors requirements with prior approval of the Honors College). Some of these lower-level course or unit requirements may be adapted for transfer students (see Honors College Curriculum page). University Honors Scholars must have an overall GPA of 3.30 and maintain a 3.00 average for all courses taken to fulfill Honors College requirements at the time of graduation.
  • Department Honors Scholar – Department Honors Scholars complete only the Department Honors requirements in their academic major. See the relevant department's webpage for requirements.

The Honors College Graduation Convocation

At the end of the spring term, the Honors College hosts a ceremony for graduating seniors to award their Honors College Certificate and Honors College Graduation Medallion. Convocation is an opportunity to honor graduates for their accomplishments and gain recognition from the faculty for their hard work and commitment to pursuing such an academically rigorous program. Graduating seniors are presented with the Honors College medallion which they should wear at Graduation and a certificate of completion of the program. A reception follows the ceremony. Graduates unable to attend the Honors College Graduation Convocation may pick up their medallions in the Honors College office during regular office hours after the Convocation and before the Commencement ceremony.