Major in Geography and Land Surveying

The major in Geography and Land Surveying is based on a transfer articulation agreement between the Community College of Baltimore County-Catonsville and Towson University. Most students electing to major in Geography and Land Surveying will complete the A.A.S. degree in Land Surveying at CCBC-Catonsville prior to enrollment at Towson University. The details of this 64-unit program can be found at All surveying courses will transfer units. However, Towson University will only accept a maximum of 64 total transfer. Any Core Curriculum requirements not completed prior to enrollment will be completed at Towson University. Current Towson University Geography majors interested in this program should see the department chair.

The program of study follows the guidelines for a major in Geography and Environmental Planning. A total of 40 units are required. (GEOG 101  is part of the A.A.S. degree.) The preferred course for fulfilling the regional requirement is GEOG 423 . Elective units (a minimum of 18) should be selected in consultation with the adviser, to complement surveying skills. GEOG 491  is strongly recommended for those with little or no work experience. Students may not substitute past work experience, nor use concurrent work to meet internship requirements, without permission of the department. A non-major requirement for this program is calculus, which may be taken at Catonsville or Towson, and which must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

For further information on this program, the chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Planning at Towson University (410-704-4371).

Suggested Four-Year Plan

Based on course availability and student needs and preferences, the selected sequences will probably vary from those presented below. Students should consult with their adviser to make the most appropriate elective choices.

Earn an AAS in Surveying from CCBC-Catonsville.  For details of this program, go to  Recommend that you take the equivalent of the following courses at CCBC:  GEOG 101, GEOG 102 and MATH 273.

Term 1UnitsTerm 2Units
GEOG 2213GEOG 2324
GEOG Any Upper-Level Regional course3GEOG Elective 23
GEOG 3753GEOG Elective 33
GEOG Elective 13Core 143
Core 113Elective2-3
 15 15-16
Term 1UnitsTerm 2Units
GEOG Elective 43GEOG Elective 53
GEOG 401 (Core 9)3GEOG Elective 63
 15 12
Total Units 57-58
  1. Students will have a comprehensive grasp of where things are in the world and why.
  2. Students will know and comprehend basic terminology, principles and models in human and physical geography, and be able to apply them to real world circumstances.
  3. Students will be able to use maps, tables, graphs, statistics and text to acquire information about the Earths spatial patterns and processes.
  4. Students will be able to create effect maps, tables, graphs, statistics and text to describe and analyze the Earths spatial patterns and processes.