Student Activities

University Union, Room 251
(410) 704-3307  

Student Activities is the central hub for special events, services and resources devoted to enriching the student experience. Located in the University Union, we are the place to go for students looking to get involved outside of the classroom.

We are committed to preparing our students to become well-rounded and actively engaged graduates of Towson University. Our department offers a wide array of educational, cultural, social, and recreational programming. We offer experiences and opportunities within the areas of campus programming, leadership development, and student organization support. We focus our efforts to foster academic success and personal growth, provide new and diverse opportunities, connect students with supportive role models and create positive, fun-filled memories.

Vision Statement
Positively transform the student experience for every Towson University student.

Mission Statement
The Office of Student Activities believes a sense of belonging and involvement transforms a student's collegiate experience and facilitates their success. We cultivate student development by providing opportunities for students to define their TU experience through exploration, involvement, and intentional programming. The values we promote in our office are engagement, inclusion, community, and collaboration.

Department Values

  1. Community:  Invoke a sense of responsibility in all TU students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain a campus environment where everyone feels like they belong
  2. Development: Provide programs, services, and other opportunities that foster individual and community growth
  3. Support:  Be recognized as active partners, both on and off campus, to accomplish goals, maximize resources and create a collaborative campus environment
  4. Success:  Lead TU students, faculty, and staff to achieve outcomes that bring value to others and build a legacy
  5. Influence:  Enhance the student voice by modeling and encouraging advocacy
  6. Fun:  Cultivate a campus culture that promotes well-being for greater student satisfaction

Clubs and Organizations

One of the best ways to experience college life is to get involved. Towson University provides a variety of opportunities for students to interact with each other who have similar interests and passions. With over 250 student groups ranging from academic and professional, arts, cultural, fraternities and sororities, honor and recognition, political, religious, media and a variety of special interest groups, you have plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. During the beginning of each semester, involvement fairs are held to showcase recognized student organizations on campus that provide opportunities for all students to interact with organization members and gather information about how to join. Visit Involved@TU to view a complete list of TU's student organizations and clubs.

**Involvement in campus clubs and organizations offers many opportunities for developing leadership skills; however, certain academic criteria are required of leaders. Therefore, student officers, senators and directors of any university-sanctioned activity must have and maintain through their term of office a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA. (This excludes first-term students who do not have a TU GPA.) Students who do not have a cumulative 2.00 GPA will not be allowed to assume office; students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 during their term of office must resign. In addition, students not regularly attending classes may be asked to relinquish their leadership positions.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a cornerstone of the TU student experience. We believe that leadership is not about being in charge; it is about your integrity, your self-awareness and your vision for creating change well beyond the classroom. 

TU has developed many leadership experiences designed to develop civically engaged and self-aware students who possess the skills necessary to create positive change at TU and in the greater global community. The Tigers Lead workshop series encourages growth and development through three tiers of leadership development focused on individual, group, and community leadership. Other key leadership programs include LeaderShape, an energizing retreat designed to help participants learn to lead with integrity, and CliftonStrengths, an assessment that allows all students an opportunity to learn about their strengths and how they can enhance their personal and academic aspirations.

Signature & Diverse Interest Programming

Campus Programming supports community building ad social wellness by providing several different event experiences for students to enjoy. Signature events include Welcome to TU, Homecoming, The Blizzard, SMASH! and other traditional, large scale events that are often high energy with high attendance. Diverse Interest programs are smaller scale events and series such as TigerTuesday's that provide a range of experiences different from anything else on campus! Events are free, open to all TU students and attendance can range from 25 - 1000 attendees!

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is here for you! We hope to serve as a resource for you during your time here at Towson. Each year undergraduate students pay a fee that allows the SGA to have a broad impact on your Towson University journey. The SGA funds activities that range from the Homecoming pep rally and concert, to Campus Activities Board (CAB) events like Tigerfest, speakers and comedians, to Sports Clubs and other student organizations. The SGA also takes on a major role as the advocacy body for students by appointing student representatives to sit on University Committees, as well as regular meetings with administrators to ensure the students have a voice in the university decision making process.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the programming branch of the Student Government Association. Student leaders plan and execute the events on campus, including concerts, bingo, comedians, magicians, casino nights, and more! CAB oversees the largest event of the year - Tigerfest weekend in April which includes a large concert in the SECU Arena, in addition to a large carnival featuring music, freebies and food trucks.