Study Abroad

Psychology Building 408
Phone: 410-704-2451

The Study Abroad Office is dedicated to providing all Towson University students with high-quality international academic opportunities that allow them to develop knowledge and skills needed to become productive and successful members of the global community. Studying abroad is an opportunity to broaden your perspective and expand your Towson University experience by looking at everyday issues from a different viewpoint in another culture.

Towson University students can participate in a wide variety of study abroad programs around the world from one week to one year in the fall, spring, Spring Break, Minimester, summer or academic year. Experiences can include language study, internships, research or service learning as well as traditional classes. Opportunities for graduate students are also available. Courses taken through TU-administered programs and approved non-TU programs can be applied to the Towson University degree and may fulfill major, minor, core or elective requirements. Letter grades are posted using the Transfer Grading Basis but are not calculated into the Towson University GPA. (Exceptions: Grades will be calculated into the TU GPA for TU faculty-led programs, the TU Global Internships Program, independent study abroad, and independent internships abroad.) Students are permitted to apply credit from study abroad toward the final 30 units of their undergraduate degree.

Most federal financial aid (FAFSA) and institutional scholarships can be used for study abroad. Scholarships are also available via the Study Abroad Office and other Towson University departments, in addition to federal, national and state opportunities.

The Study Abroad Office works with all students who are planning to receive credit outside the United States during their Towson University career. Group advising sessions are conducted daily to provide students with preliminary information about study abroad opportunities and procedures.