Advising and Program of Study


At the time of admission to a graduate program, students are assigned a faculty adviser by the department responsible for the student’s program of study. In a number of graduate programs, the faculty adviser is the program director. Newly admitted students may wish to wait to register until they have met with their academic adviser, who will assist them with information about specific courses, degree requirements, and the development of a program of study. Students should consult with their adviser before registration each term.

Program of Study 

Each degree student must follow a program which is approved by their adviser and the program director which conforms to the requirements listed in the catalog year under which they were admitted. Courses taken prior to planning the program of study can be included only if approved by the program director. The adviser's and the program director's approvals are needed for any revisions. The program of study may include no more than three courses at the 500-level.

Students may enroll in a second master's degree program after completing their first master's degree if the majors are distinct from one another. Students may not complete two master’s degrees, concurrently or sequentially, in the same major regardless of whether the concentrations or tracks are different. In addition, students cannot utilize the coursework from a conferred master's or doctoral degree toward a subsequent graduate degree.  

Degree Requirements

It is expected that students will receive assistance from their program director and/or faculty adviser, but students must assume responsibility for completing published degree requirements by reviewing their “Academic Requirements” degree audit often. To view the report, go to your myTU/Student Apps page and select the Towson Online Services Student Dashboard tile. Once logged in, from the left side menu Select Academics and then Academic Requirements