Change from One Degree Program to Different Program

Students may apply for a change of program at any time, but may not be enrolled in two master’s degree programs concurrently. The student will need to complete a new application via Admissions. Since all graduate programs have different admission requirements, additional documents may be required before the file can be reviewed for admission to the new program. Admission granted in the original program does not guarantee admission to the new program.

Courses taken prior to the change of program may be utilized as part of the new degree program if approved by the program director. All courses, including those taken in the earlier program and used in the new program, are calculated in the GPA considered for graduation. The time limitation policy for completion of program requirements begins with the earliest course taken in the former program that is applied to the new program.

Courses used toward a previously conferred master's, doctoral, or certificate of advanced study program cannot be used toward any future degree program unless specifically mentioned in the program's curriculum that a certain number of units can be accepted.

It is possible to return to the first program if the return is requested in writing within 60 days of the original request to change programs. The student may return to the original program after the 60-day period, subject to admission policies in effect at the time of the application to return.