Grading System

A: 4.00 grade points
A-: 3.67 grade points
B+: 3.33 grade points
B: 3.00 grade points
C: 2.00 grade points
F: 0.00 grade points

S or U (Satisfactory or unsatisfactory) - used primarily for thesis, dissertation, thesis/project/dissertation continuum or field-based courses or other courses with special recommendations from a program director with approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

  • A grade of S in thesis/project/dissertation, field-based courses, or other graduate courses denotes that work of 3.0 level or higher has been fully completed. A grade of IP (in progress) should be given if the thesis/dissertation is not fully complete. Once the student has successfully completed the requirements of the thesis/project/dissertation course, the IP grade for the course is changed to S with department approval.
  • A grade of U is given to students whose work is below 3.00 level quality for thesis, dissertation, project, field-based courses, or other courses for which special permission was given for S-U grading. 
  • A grade of S for a thesis/project/dissertation continuum course denotes that a student is making satisfactory progress within the given term and does not indicate that the thesis/project/dissertation is complete. 
  • A grade of U for a thesis/project/dissertation continuum course denotes that a student is not making satisfactory progress on the thesis/project/dissertation within the given term.  
  • Grades of S or U in thesis/project/dissertation continuum courses are not counted towards satisfying graduation requirements.
  • To be eligible to graduate, a student must successfully complete the requirements and earn a grade of S in all thesis/project/dissertation courses, field-based course, or other courses for which special permission was granted for the S-U grading.

FX - assigned when the student registers for a course but does not attend or fails to withdraw officially from the course by the published last date to drop the course.

I (incomplete) - assigned at the end of the term because of documented illness or other reasons beyond the control of the student. Unless the course requirements are completed within 180 days, the incomplete will lapse to an F. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to complete course requirements for removal of the I. If an incomplete is requested before the withdrawal deadline, the student should be advised to withdraw from the course.  See the Registrar's Office Incomplete Grade policy for additional guidance.

IP (in progress) - assigned for the thesis or dissertation that is in progress but not yet completed. When the thesis/dissertation is completed, the IP grades are changed to S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). See S or U guidelines for thesis or dissertation continuum. 

W (withdrawn) - assigned when the student withdraws from the course according to policy.

International students: Please be aware that FX and W grades do not contribute toward the Full Course of Study requirement for F-1 visa status.

Changing to the Pass Grading Option is not available for graduate students.

Requests for Grade Changes

Requests for late grade changes must be submitted by the instructor within one year. After one year, requests for grade changes will be reviewed by the Registrar's office and students may be required to petition and provide documentation.