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In the College of Business and Economics, we expect excellence in the attitude, performance and ethics of our students. Through our Business Excellence program, students sharpen their business skills and translate their academic knowledge into value in the professional world.

Through this program, Towson University business students are encouraged to become superior writers and thinkers, dynamic and persuasive oral presenters, consensus building and effective team members, careful and sharp critical analysts of business and ethical issues as well as detailed and visionary about their professional behavior and career prospects.

Business Excellence Initiatives include:

Innovative Courses

Business Communication (BUSX 301) focuses on developing students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to complete the transformation to a CBE Graduate. Students realistically assess their strengths and weaknesses, create a plan for improvement, and enhance their writing, critical thinking, problem-solving, team work, and career exploration skills through experiential learning. In addition, this course provides training in soft skills, emotional intelligence, networking and other professional behaviors and career readiness skills.

The Professional Experience course (BUSX 460) focuses on a successful transition from classroom to career. All students complete an internship while concurrently enrolled in the course. Through self-assessment, students develop a portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge, skills and attitudes and their commitment to lifelong career development.

Writing Proficiency Program

In the work environment, you need more than rudimentary communication skills to be successful. You need to be articulate in both the written and spoken word.

Our recruiters tell us that excellent communication skills are what set an employee apart from the rest. They're also a strong consideration in promotions. The CBE Writing Proficiency Program was developed by the College of Business and Economics with support from McCormick and Company to ensure that our students graduate with the communication skills necessary to flourish in the workplace.

Our Writing Fellows serve all students in the college through individual meetings, using student assignments as guidelines for critique and review. Our Writing Fellows are all graduate assistants in the master’s program in Professional Writing at TU and are trained in business writing.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their writing and build on their foundation for a promising career.

Case Competitions

CBE students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of case competitions throughout their time at TU, culminating in a required "live case" competition integrated into the required capstone Strategic Management course. 

In addition, student organizations within the CBE are encouraged to send members to regional and national case competitions.


Each year, the Business Excellence Program sponsors a number of educational events and open houses designed to connect students and the business community. Examples include panel discussions, guest speakers and career fairs.


MentHER is a “pay-it-forward” program which combines networking and mentorship among women of various age groups to support the growth, education and empowerment of college women and high school girls in the Baltimore area.

Women in industry network with one another and mentor college students, who in turn mentor Baltimore City high school students. The college and high school participants take part in workshops and are exposed to a variety of industries to help them establish goals and consider future careers. Guided discussions on issues facing women are addressed throughout the program in the one-on-one mentoring sessions, as well as in the workshops and presentations. 



An integrated view of business organizations: study of the structure and organization of businesses, common business processes, and the interrelationships among business functions. Prerequisites: Pre-business or business major, ENGL 102 or equivalent.


Seminar designed to enable students to gain the written and oral communication skills needed in professional business situations and to develop and practice important skills for workplace success. Requires grade of C or better to fulfill Core requirement. Prerequisites: a grade of C (2.0) or higher in ENGL 102 or ENGL 190, or equivalent; ECON 202; junior/senior status. Core: Advanced Writing Seminar.


Application of business knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA's) through professional responsibilities in employment, internship, or comparable experience. Prerequisites: BUSX 301, FIN 331, MKTG 341, MNGT 361; and senior major standing; enrollment is conditional pending internship approval.


Senior Lecturer: Quincey Johnson (Legal Studies)

Lecturers: Kathryn Delahanty, Ashley Plack O'Donnell, Lisa Simmons

Lecturer II: Vera Case, Christopher Thacker