Major in Elementary Education with Dual Certification in Early Childhood Education (PK-6)

Through the collaboration of the Elementary Education and the Early Childhood Education Departments, interested students can pursue a dual certification program leading to PK-6 certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Interested students should contact the Elementary Education Department.

The Elementary Education/Early Childhood Dual Certification program fulfills requirements for Maryland State Certification in Teaching. The program is divided into a Pre-Professional program and Professional Internships (74 units), for a total of 137 units. 

Suggested Four- Year Plan 

Term 1UnitsTerm 2UnitsSummerUnits
Preprofessional Program beginsENGL 102 (Core 2)3PHSC 1014
TSEM 102 (Core 1)3MATH 2054GEOG 102, 105, or 1093
MATH 2044PSYC 1013 
BIOL 120
4EDUC 2023 
HIST 145 or 1463ECED 1033 
Core 53  
 17 16 7
Term 1UnitsTerm 2Units 
EDUC 2033ELED 32013 
MATH 2514SCED 3043 
SPED 3013ELED 3223 
Core 4 (ART, DANC, THEA or COSC)3ECED 3153 
ECED 2013ISTC 3013 
 16 15 
Term 1UnitsTerm 2Units 
Level I InternshipLevel II Internship 
EDUC 4173BIOL 303 or 3823 
ELED 3233ECED 3413 
ELED 3573ECED 3433 
ELED 3633ECED 3603 
ECED 4613MATH 3233 
 PHSC 3033 
 15 18 
Term 1UnitsTerm 2Units 
Level III InternshipLevel IV Internship 
ELED 3113ELED 4686-12 
ELED 3123ELED 4693 
ELED 3653ECED 3526 
ELED 4293  
SPED 4013  
 15 15-21 
Total Units 134-140