Minor in Music

The Music minor, available for students who desire to pursue music studies as a secondary field, requires at least 20 units. Music minors are required to have a department adviser to assist with building meaningful schedules. Students who intend to minor in Music are advised to so declare no later than the fourth term. It ordinarily requires four or more terms to complete the minor. Acceptance to the Music minor is by audition only. Contact the music office to schedule an audition. Music minors may audition for any type of lessons and ensembles offered by the Department of Music. Music minors must complete minimum 12 units toward the minor at Towson University. 

All courses that count toward the minor must be completed with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher.

Required Courses

MUSA XXXPrivate lessons in a single medium2
MUSA 3XX-4XXEnsembles2
MUSC 105MUSIC THEORY FOR NON-MAJORS (Musically literate students may substitute MUSC 131.)3
MUSA or MUSC electives: Choice of academic and/or applied opportunities (6 units must be upper-level)10
Total Units20