Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's in Women's Studies

The accelerated bachelor’s to master’s program in Women’s Studies is designed to allow students to complete the accelerated undergraduate and graduate degrees one semester or 9 units ahead. This program is designed for the three existing tracts in Women’s Studies: Women, Leadership and Social Change; Women in International Context; and Women, Health and Sexuality. This accelerated degree program allows qualified undergraduate Women’s Studies majors to pursue an accelerated bachelor’s to master’s in Women’s Studies.

Students enrolled in the accelerated bachelor’s and master’s program in Women’s Studies may elect to follow one of three Culminating Experiences already in place: Thesis, Internship or Two-Course Option. The degree requirements are the same as those for the regular M.S. program in Women’s Studies with the following exception: the accelerated bachelor’s and master’s requires 3 fewer units of planned electives. All M.S. students in this program, regardless of their plan, are expected to demonstrate a proficiency in research and meet the requirements of all learning outcomes listed for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Admission Requirements 

Students may apply for this program during the first term of their junior year, i.e. after earning 60 units. Students may begin the program once they have completed a minimum of 75 but have not exceeded a maximum of 96 units in their undergraduate programs, including units earned from advanced placement. Transfer students must have completed a minimum of two terms as full-time students at Towson University before applying to the accelerated program.

  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25, overall and in the major, at the time of application, is required for full admission to the program. All GPA calculations for admission are based on the last 60 units of undergraduate study.
  • Applicants must be a full-time Women’s Studies undergraduate major.
  • Applicants must submit recommendation from a current WMST faculty member in the form of a nomination letter.
  • Applicants must submit a personal essay; the essay must articulate reasons for acceptance to the program, including a link between matriculation and career goals.
  • During the second term of the senior year, student must also complete a graduate application with the Admissions Office to be officially admitted to the graduate program.

Withdrawal and Ineligibility

  • Continuance in the master’s program is contingent upon maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.25; students who do not maintain the minimum GPA will be ineligible to continue graduate work.
  • Students must receive a grade of B or better in the double-counted graduate-level courses.
  • Students who do not successfully complete the bachelor’s portion of this track, or whose GPAs do not meet the requirements for this track, may not proceed to the graduate-level unless such deficiencies are resolved.
  • Students who complete the Bachelor’s but decide not to continue with the Master’s program will terminate their program with the fulfillment of all requirements for the Bachelor’s degree.
  • The student will be allowed to use the grad courses to complete the bachelor's degree.
  • Students may withdraw from the Accelerated Bachelor’s – Master’s degree program in Women’s Studies at any time by informing the Chairperson and Graduate Program Director to that effect in writing.
  • A student who does not follow the approved plan of graduate work may become ineligible to participate in this accelerated degree program.
  • If a student becomes ineligible to participate in the accelerated program, the Women’s Studies Graduate Director shall inform the student in writing.
  • A student who is ineligible to continue participation in or who withdraws from the accelerated degree program cannot double-count any courses for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees

Degree Requirements

  • Nine units taken at the 500 and 600 level in the senior year will be counted toward fulfilling the 36 units required for the Master’s degree.
  • The bachelor’s degree will be awarded after all degree requirements for the bachelor's are met. This time frame should normally be at the end of the fourth year.
  • Please visit the Graduate Catalog for Degree Requirements for the M.S. program.