Accelerated B.S./M.S. in Business Administration with Supply Chain Management

The Department of Business Analytics and Technology Management offers an accelerated program that allows you to attain both a bachelor’s degree in your major and a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management in less time than it would take to pursue each degree separately. The accelerated program enables students to substitute up to nine (9) units in the M.S. Supply Chain Management program for undergraduate classes.  Specific majors at Towson University that work well with this program include Business Administration (BUAD), Business Systems and Processes (BSAP), Business Analytics (BUAN), Economics (ECON), and Accounting (ACCT). This program can also work well with BUAD and BUAN minors. Students who have successfully completed 60 units and have a GPA of 3.00 or above may apply for admission to the accelerated program. Students accepted into the program begin graduate level coursework during their senior year. This is a structured accelerated program for BUAD majors with the Project Management and Business Analysis concentration and an individualized program for all other majors, concentrations, and minors.

Admitted Business Administration (BUAD) majors in the Project Management & Business Analysis (PMBA) concentration are eligible to apply for the structured accelerated Bachelor’s-Master's Supply Chain Management Program. The individualized accelerated Bachelor's-Master's Supply Chain Management Program is open to other majors and minors on campus.  The accelerated programs allow high performing students to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees in a shorter time frame.

Students admitted to the accelerated program still apply to the graduate M.S. in Supply Chain Management program during their senior year but are not officially admitted to the graduate program until the second term of their senior year.

Admission Requirements for the Structured Program

  • Students must be admitted undergraduates in the Business Administration major, with a concentration in Project Management and Business Analysis.
  • Students may apply for the accelerated program starting the first term of their junior year (60 units completed).
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 overall at the time of application is required for full admission to the program.
  • During the senior year, the student must also complete an online graduate application with the Admissions Office. Admission to the graduate program is based on meeting the overall undergraduate GPA requirement of 3.0 and earning a “B” or better in each graduate course taken as part of the accelerated program.
  • Admission to the accelerated program does not guarantee admission to the graduate M.S. in Supply Chain Management program.

Accelerated Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Requirements

Nine units of 600-700 level courses can be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate programs. A bachelor’s degree is awarded after all the bachelor’s degree requirements are met, normally in the fourth year. The M.S. in Supply Chain Management degree is awarded at the completion of the remaining graduate courses. Graduate courses must be completed at a “C” or better level to apply to the undergraduate degree requirements and “B” or better to apply to the graduate degree requirements.

Required Courses
Select one of the following:3
INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT (in place of EBTM 343 - Fall only - online)
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (in place of EBTM 365 - Summer only - online)
EBTM 735SIX-SIGMA QUALITY (in place of EBTM 462 - Spring only)3
EBTM 730BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT (in place of EBTM 454 - Fall only - online)3
Total Units9

Withdrawal and Ineligibility

  • Continuance in the master’s program is contingent upon maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.00; students who do not maintain the minimum GPA will be ineligible to continue graduate work.
  • Students must receive a grade of B or better in the double-counted graduate-level courses.
  • Students who do not successfully complete the bachelor’s portion of this program, or whose GPAs do not meet the requirements for this program, may not proceed to the graduate-level unless such deficiencies are resolved.
  • Students who complete the bachelor’s but decide not to continue with the Master’s program will terminate their program with the fulfillment of all requirements for the Bachelor’s degree.
  • The student will be allowed to use the grad courses to complete the bachelor's degree.
  • Students may withdraw from the accelerated bachelor’s – master’s degree program in Supply Chain Management at any time by informing the Chairperson and Graduate Program Director to that effect in writing.
  • A student who does not follow the approved plan of graduate work may become ineligible to participate in this accelerated degree program.
  • If a student becomes ineligible to participate in the accelerated program, the Supply Chain Management Program Director shall inform the student in writing.
  • A student who is ineligible to continue participation in or who withdraws from the accelerated degree program cannot double-count any courses for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.