Entrepreneurship Certificate

Undergraduate Upper Division Certificate

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed for learners who are interested in new venture creation, innovation, creativity, and problem-solving in existing organizations, entrepreneurship basics, or working for a start-up. The certificate focuses on empowering students with real-world skills to identify market opportunities, develop ideas and evaluate their viability, and start and manage their own businesses. How do you develop your idea into a business concept? How do you build and grow a business from ground-up? What resources will you need? How do you secure them? These are a few of the questions students completing the certificate will be able to answer.

Why Choose the Entrepreneurship Certificate?

Students completing this certificate will be able to apply principles of entrepreneurship to analyze business opportunities in the external environment, and identify and address market needs. Students will further learn how to apply entrepreneurship fundamentals to organizational problems and creatively address potential issues. Students will also be able to follow the steps to create and develop their own start-up business and identify and develop resources in the environment to nurture and grow their business.

The certificate is comprised of completion of twelve units of course work including successful participation in the Business Model Competition. Students can start and complete the certificate standalone by itself, or they can continue to complete the Minor in Entrepreneurship by adding a couple of courses. The certificate offers competency-based education and hence takes shorter time to complete and complements traditional in-depth learning in one’s academic discipline.

The certificate requirements are successful completion of the following courses: ENTR 305ENTR 310ENTR 355 , and ENTR 410

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is not open to students who are pursuing a major in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship concentration. All requirements for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship must be completed with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher. All of the required 12 units must be completed at Towson University.

You must be a degree-seeking student at Towson University or have completed a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university in order to take this certificate.
Total Units12

The certificate aims at achieving the following program objectives.

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  1. Apply human-centered design thinking techniques to solve problems creatively and discover opportunities in the market.
  2. Generate viable ideas quickly and collaboratively.
  3. Use a systematic approach to solve business challenges.
  4. Understand how to assess the market and financial feasibility of the new venture.
  5. Identify and select an appropriate ownership choice.
  6. Understand how to use debt and equity financing.
  7. Develop a feasibility report that may lead to a business plan for a new venture.
  8. Gain a broad understanding of the entrepreneurial process in the U.S. economy and the relative economic contribution of entrepreneurial and small business.
  9. Adopt the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to identify and evaluate new business opportunities.
  10. Create a business plan for a new venture.