Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Major in Art + Design

This is a screened program. Please see the admission requirements for additional information.

B.F.A. Screening

Students intending to pursue the B.F.A. must first declare a major in the Art + Design B.S. program, then, when eligible, apply for admission to a concentration in the B.F.A. program. The BFA in Art + Design is a competitive and screened major. Interested students declare a B.S. concentration in their first year, and undergo screening by the specific B.F.A. concentration at the end of the term in which the screening prerequisites will be completed. Admission into Towson University and declaration of an Art + Design B.S./B.A. concentration does not guarantee acceptance into the B.F.A. Program. In some concentrations the number selected will be on a space-available basis.

Requirements for Admission to the B.F.A. in Art + Design

  • Successful completion of First-Level Foundations1 and Second-Level Foundations2 or a minimum of 39 units in the major.
  • A 2.67 GPA in ART courses.
  • A portfolio review (students obtain portfolio requirements for each B.F.A. concentration from the department office or their adviser)

Students should obtain application forms, deadlines, and other screening information from the department office (CA 3103) at the beginning of the term in which they will become eligible to apply. Students not granted admission may reapply once.


First-Level Foundation courses are required for all students in the major. 


Second-Level Foundation courses are specific for each concentration. 

  1. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of the elements of art and the principles of design, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the materials and processes of their chosen discipline, in the production of art and/or design work.
  2. Students will articulate, verbally and through the production of a body of work, their personal aesthetic and professional direction.
  3. In creating and/or evaluating art and design work, students will recognize and demonstrate understanding of perspectives of people from cultures and situations other than their own.