Enrollment and Registration

Students who have applied for admission to degree candidacy and have been admitted must return the Enrollment Contract to acknowledge their acceptance of Towson University’s offer of admission. Once submitted, students will receive information about academic advising and course registration. Orientation is available to new freshmen and transfer students prior to the beginning of the term.

Registration appointments are based on the number of units the student has earned. Students should see their adviser before registering. Students who have no adviser may check with their major department or, if they have no declared major, with the Academic Advising, Retention, and Completion Office (Academic Commons / Cook Library, 410-704-2472).

After students have met with their advisers, they plan their schedules and register online using Towson Online Student Services Dashboard. Students may also register in person at the Registrar’s Office, Enrollment Services Center, Room 223. Non-degree students (those not formally admitted to TU) register after degree candidates and are encouraged to seek advising at least once each academic year.

Important: Students may not attend a class until registering for that class and must satisfy all financial obligations to the institution before registering.

Class Standing 

Freshman 0-29.5
Sophomore 30-59.5
Junior 60-89.5
Senior 90 units and above


Enrollment Services Center, Room 241, 410-704-2007

Previous degree-seeking students who miss one fall or spring term must apply for reenrollment through the Registrar’s Office. Forms are available online. Reenrolling students must comply with the Core requirements that were published in the Undergraduate Catalog at the time they were originally admitted to TU unless their original catalog has expired.

Undergraduate Reenrollment Application Deadlines

  • Fall - August 1* (Processing begins in late February)
  • Minimester/Spring - December 1* (Processing begins in late September)
  • Summer - One week prior to each summer session (Processing begins in late February)

*Students who are interested in financial aid or on-campus housing are encouraged to apply early.

Students who withdraw from TU, enroll elsewhere, and return to TU after having completed transfer course work do not qualify for a transfer package. This option is available only upon initial admission. The Registrar's Office will coordinate the evaluation of reenrollment transfer work taken during an absence from TU.

Students who are not in good academic standing at another institution may be ineligible for reenrollment. Reenrollment procedures for evaluating students with academic dismissals from other institutions align with the Admissions policy for academic dismissals.

Independent Study / Directed Reading Courses

Students may not apply more than 12 units of independent study and/or directed reading courses toward graduation. Departments may set limits for fewer units, but may not exceed the maximum of 12 units set by the TU Curriculum Committee. Because of the concentrated nature of these courses, students are advised to take no more than 6 units of upper-level independent study / directed courses per term.

Pass Grading Option

Students may elect to be graded on a Pass basis for a maximum of 13 units toward their degree. If students register for more than 13 units under the Pass grading option, only 13 will apply toward graduation. This option is not available for courses required for a major, minor, Honors College requirements or certification in teacher education unless special permission is obtained from the department chairperson. Students may use the Pass option for Core courses that require a C or higher unless the course is also required for their major/minorStudents must make all changes to this option before the published withdrawal deadline each term. Students may elect the audit option at any point up to the withdrawal deadline by submitting a completed Pass Grading Option DocuSign Form.

Students electing this option must earn a grade equivalent of 2.00 (C) or higher in order to receive the Pass (PS) grade, which is not calculated in the average. Students who earn below the grade equivalent of 2.00 will earn that grade (D+, D, F or FX) which will be calculated. Refer to Grades/Grading.

Auditing Courses

Students may audit a course with the permission of the instructor. An audited course will be graded AU and will not apply toward the degree. Students may elect the audit option at any point up to the withdrawal deadline by submitting a completed Audit Grading Option DocuSign Form. If students then choose not to elect this option, they must follow the same procedure, including obtaining the instructor’s signature, to remove the option up to the withdrawal deadline.

Students are advised that audited courses:

  • do not count as part of the term, the term unit load or cumulative totals
  • do not count as attempts for most courses, however audits do count as attempts for BIOL 221, BIOL 221L, BIOL 222, and BIOL 222L.
  • will be graded AU or AUX if the student registers for a course as an audit and fails to attend
  • do not apply toward graduation unless repeated later for credit
  • may not be used to repeat a course for which credit has already been earned
  • are billed at the same rate as credit-bearing courses