Graduation with Honors

Towson University undergraduates may achieve recognition as honors graduates in several different ways: through Latin Honors, Departmental Honors and as members of the Honors College.

Latin Honors

Latin Honors are awarded, by college, to undergraduate students in the top ten percent (10%) of their graduating class based on the cumulative grade point average of all coursework completed in residence at TU.


Summa Cum Laude - top 2%
Magna Cum Laude - next 3%
Cum Laude - next 5%


Latin Honors GPA cutoffs for each college are based on the top 10% of the students from the graduating classes of the previous academic year.

In order to be eligible to earn Latin Honors, students must earn at least 56 units in residence at TU. Of those units earned in residence at TU, at least 41 units must have calculable grades.

Students with majors in two or more colleges earn the highest Latin Honors for which they are eligible.

To view the cutoffs for each level of Latin honors for the current academic year by college, visit the TU graduation website.

Honors College

Visit the Honors College website or the Honors College section of this catalog.

Departmental Honors Programs

Many departments at TU offer students the ability to complete a Departmental Honors program, which is a separate program from the Honors College. Students interested in participating in a Departmental Honors program are encouraged to meet with the Departmental Honors faculty coordinator or department chair preferably during their first two years at TU.

Departments with Honors programs list requirements in the catalog under the individual major departments. Students accepted into a Departmental Honors program must complete the requirements as listed in the catalog for their major. Most departments require that students complete 6 units in Advanced Content, Directed Readings and/or Independent Investigations and an Honors Thesis, but some departments may offer other options, such as an extensive design project. The thesis/project culminates in a significant piece of writing and a final presentation that is open to the public. A completed, signed copy of the thesis/project approval form must be submitted to the Honors College no later than two weeks before graduation. When the Honors College receives the thesis/project, the appropriate designation appears on the final transcript and diploma.

More information on Departmental Honors programs can be found on each department's webpage.

Departmental Honors Coordinators By College

The following faculty members may be contacted about departmental honors for the listed majors: 

College of Business and Economics

Economics Departmental Honors Coordinator: Matthew Chambers

College of Fine Arts and Communication

Art History Departmental Honors Coordinator: Nancy Siegel

Electronic Media & Film Departmental Honors Coordinator: Elsa Lankford 

Mass Communication Departmental Honors Coordinator: Department of Mass Communication

College of Liberal Arts

Anthropology Departmental Honors Coordinator: Nicole Fabricant

Criminal Justice Departmental Honors Coordinator: Maria Joao Antunes

English Departmental Honors Coordinator: Erin Fehskens

Geography & Environmental Planning Departmental Honors Coordinator: Charles Schmitz​

Law and American Civilization Departmental Honors Coordinator: Cynthia Cates

Philosophy Departmental Honors Coordinator: Suk Choi

Political Science Departmental Honors Coordinator: Paul McCartney

Psychology Departmental Honors Coordinator: Maria Fracasso​

Sociology Departmental Honors Coordinator: Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice

Women's Studies Departmental Honors Coordinator: Cindy Gissendanner

College of Science and Mathematics

Biological Sciences Departmental Honors Coordinator: Susan Gresens​

Chemistry Departmental Honors Coordinator: John Sivey

Mathematics Departmental Honors Coordinator: Nathan McNew

Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences Departmental Honors Coordinator: Raj Kolagani