Students must apply for graduation for the term in which all degree requirements will have been met. Students in pre-major status or those below a 2.00 cumulative GPA are not eligible to apply. Students should apply to graduate five to eight months prior to the expected graduation date. Check the Graduation webpage for specific deadlines. 

All students must have a minimum of 120 earned units to graduate. Please be advised that if grades of D or higher are being repeated in the last term prior to graduation, students must register for additional units equal to the units of the class being repeated to compensate for the loss of units which will occur when the record is adjusted at the end of the term. Those grades are earned units and already have quality points; only the GPA will increase if a higher grade is earned.

Participation in the commencement ceremony is optional. Attending the commencement ceremony does not automatically denote graduation, since evaluation of records cannot be completed until all grades are available. Please refer to the Commencement webpage for ceremony information. 

The most current information and policies regarding graduation procedures can be found on the Graduation webpage.

Once a student has graduated, any corrections or changes to the academic record must be made before the end of the following fall or spring term. Once this date has passed, your academic record will be closed and no further changes can be made.