Admissions Procedure

  1. Applicants should use the online application available at the Towson University website at
  2. The application fee is neither deferrable nor refundable. Freshman applicants are responsible for submitting their official high school transcripts, including final grades with verification of graduation, as they become available. Transfer applicants must submit official college transcripts, whether or not credit was earned, from all ­institutions attended.
  3. The standardized tests required for admission are the SAT and/or ACT. All freshman applicants and transfer students with fewer than 30 transferable college-level credit hours must submit their official results of either test. To be considered official, scores must be sent by the testing agency. Towson University’s College Board identification code number is 5404 and our ACT code is 1718.  The Writing section is not required for either test.
  4. Incomplete applications will be canceled. The applications of admitted students who do not enroll for the given term will be canceled.
  5. All entering degree-seeking students born after December 31, 1956, including new graduate students and transfers, will be required to demonstrate physician-documented proof of immunity to the following diseases: Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

An Immunization Record Form is sent to every admitted student. The completed form, signed by a physician, must be returned to the Towson University Health Center by the time of orientation and registration. Students who fail to return the form or to correct any inadequacies in immunity status in a timely fashion will be blocked from the following spring term registration. (For those students entering in the spring term, noncompliance will result in blocked registration for the following fall term.) The block will be lifted by Dowell Health Center as soon as the requirements are fulfilled.

The specific vaccine requirements are listed on the Immunization Record Form. Students are responsible for obtaining any immunizations needed from their regular source of medical care to satisfy university requirements prior to arriving on campus.