Guidelines for Freshman Admission

Admission to Towson University is competitive, based on the applicant pool and available space in the freshman class. Priority for admission is based on high school performance (in grades 9–11) as demonstrated by the grades earned. A holistic review process will be conducted that will include the strength and rigor of the curricula as well as extracurricular involvement, college essay, and other provided information on the application. Many applicants exceed minimum required course work and level of work in their high school curriculum. TU is test-optional, therefore applicants are not required to submit test scores (SAT and/or ACT) for admission. 

Freshman applicants will be expected to have completed four (Carnegie) units of English (including one each of composition, English literature and American literature), three units of social sciences, three units of science (two with labs), four units of mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry), two units of a foreign language (some technology, computer science and sign language courses may be substituted) and six elective units. Any applicant whose high school transcript does not include this combination of curriculum requirements may be admitted with the understanding that select deficiencies must be completed during the first term of the freshman year at Towson University. Students who are admitted under this condition and who fail to complete the stipulated courses within the first term will have their degree candidacy withdrawn.