Non-Traditional Admission Policies

Veterans and GED Recipients

Some high school graduates may qualify for special admission consideration under the provisions of non-traditional admissions. In order to be considered under this policy, students must be classified into one of the categories described below. Once classified as non-traditional applicants, prospective students must apply and submit all credentials no later than October 15 for the spring term and no later than January 17 for the fall. Mature adult, veteran and GED applicants will be required to demonstrate that they have sufficient skills to be admitted to TU. Therefore, standardized test scores and recent transcripts will need to be submitted so that a student can be considered for admission. If a student does not have sufficient academic history, they may be recommended to attend a community college or other degree-granting institution to ensure adequate preparation before transferring to Towson University.


For admission purposes, a veteran may be defined as a current or former member of any branch of the U.S. Armed Services with 12 months (one year) or more of active duty served, and with no intervening college or university attendance since discharge from the service. In addition to the application form and academic credentials, veterans must also provide the Office of Admissions and the Veterans Office with a copy of the DD form 214 verifying military service.

GED Recipients

For admission purposes, the high school equivalence (General Education Development) examination standards established by the Maryland State Department of Education (or other similar agencies in other states) will be used as an alternative to high school graduation.