Advanced Placement

Freshmen who have had the opportunity for advanced-level work and would like academic credit, as well as advanced placement, are encouraged to take the Advanced Placement Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board prior to beginning their first term at Towson University. Arrangements to take the tests are made through the high school counselor or:

College Entrance Examination Board
P.O. Box 592
Princeton, NJ 08540

AP credit is subject to change mid-year. Please refer to the website for the standards used for determining advanced placement credit.

TU will only accept officially submitted test scores for credit within one year of the student’s enrollment. Any test scores submitted after the student's first year may not be eligible for awarded credit. AP scores will be reviewed during the credit evaluation process. If scores are submitted after the final evaluation process, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Admissions office for an additional review.