Guidelines for Second Bachelor's Degree

The Second Bachelor’s Degree Program is designed to meet the needs of college graduates who wish to attain proficiency in a different major field. To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and must have a 2.00 cumulative GPA from all previously attended institutions. University Admissions will need to receive all prior transcripts and have confirmation of a pending or conferred bachelor’s degree before an admissions decision will be rendered.

A maximum of 90 transferable units of undergraduate course work will be applied toward the second bachelor’s degree. In addition, students must complete a minimum of 30 units in residence at TU and meet all the requirements of the “new” major. At least one-half of the “new” major units must be completed at TU since the completion of the first degree. Each student must complete an advanced writing course. All other General Education requirements are considered to have been met through the first degree. 

Once the student accepts TU's offer of admission, copies of the academic transcripts (excluding TU transcripts) will be sent to the student’s intended major for evaluation. Once the transfer credit evaluation is completed by the academic department, it is returned to the admissions office, and the courses relevant to the major are posted to TU's transcript.

Advanced Placement credit will only be awarded toward a Second Bachelor’s Degree if the Academic Standards Committee approves. Any student wishing to apply AP credits to their degree must petition Academic Standards officially. There is no guarantee that AP credit will be awarded towards the intended program. Please refer to the University Admissions website for policy regarding advanced placement credit.

Second bachelor's students must follow the academic catalog under which they were admitted or make the request to switch to a later catalog while the degree is in progress. Second bachelor's students cannot select to follow a catalog prior to their admission term.

Second bachelor's students cannot be enrolled as graduate students while pursuing the second bachelor's degree.

Second bachelor’s degree candidates may qualify for Departmental Honors, the Dean’s List and/or graduation with honors. Please refer to the Academic Policies section of this catalog for criteria.

Non U.S. Citizens

Applicants can submit a regular application and list their alien registration number in the space indicated. Presentation of an applicant’s alien registration card or visa will be required. Eligibility to be considered a Maryland resident for tuition purposes will be determined after documents are received. Foreign academic records must be translated by an official, recognized evaluation service such as the World Education Service, and a course-by-course evaluation must be submitted to University Admissions as part of the academic record. An application and all documentation must be submitted by October 15 for the spring term or January 15 for the fall term. Non-native English speakers must demonstrate English proficiency. Questions regarding transcript evaluations or English proficiency may be directed to